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Bali Villas for Rent – Bali Private Luxury Villas

Bali villas are the best option for an accommodation that fulfills your desire for peace and solitude during your holiday in Bali. Therefore, Bali Private Luxury Villas offers wide selection of Bali villa rentals to help you find your holiday villa where you can feel the freedom to relax in complete privacy.

We have almost any type of villa you might look for. From amazing luxury beachfront villas to traditional Balinese rice paddies. Or from the cosmopolitan dining and nightlife scene of Seminyak to the tranquil countryside of cultural Ubud. We also offer villas in Bali for groups or family with 2, 3, 4 or even 10 bedroom. All villas have their private pools, and our professional team select it special for you.

Explore our villas and find your perfect villa in Bali. Bali Private Luxury Villas will help you find a perfect Bali villa.


Bali Villa Rentals by Setting

Bali's allure lies in its diverse villa settings, catering to varied desires. Beachfront luxury villas, adorned by the rhythmic waves, offer an intimate paradise for sun-seekers. Wedding villas in Bali, set against panoramic backdrops, provide enchanting venues for romantic celebrations, combining luxury with timeless vows. Rice field view villas in Ubud offer a blend of serenity and cultural immersion, surrounded by lush greenery that whispers the island's rich heritage. Each setting, whether coastal, ceremonial, or immersed in agricultural beauty, transforms a villa stay into a bespoke experience, weaving the island's natural wonders seamlessly into the fabric of luxurious living.

Featured Bali Villas for Rent

Add to favorite icon preloader image Kaba Kaba Estate - 8 Bedrooms Villa - Bali Villa Rentals in Tabanan
Kaba Kaba Estate - Amazing 8 Bedrooms Villa with Rice Paddys and Volcano Views Kaba Kaba Estate ...
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USD 1,590 /night
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Kaba Kaba Estate

Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

Bedroom icon 5 Bedrooms, 6 Bedrooms, 7 Bedrooms, 8+ Bedrooms
View icon Rice Field View Villas, Wedding Villas

Top 5 reasons to choose a Bali villa rentals rather than a hotel?

Bali Villa Rentals - Villa Chalina Estate

When you want to completely relaxing holiday in Bali, the best choiec is only stay in a Bali private villa. With no noisy neighbours, holiday reps or room service to contend with, relaxation is total and your options unlimited.

In comparison, the all-inclusive resorts are noisy and impersonal. Hotels are very limiting and crowded. Bali villas on the other hand offer flexibility, a better lifestyle, value for money and more enjoyable holidays.

As the low cost airlines has increasing their popularity, it has enabled flights to become cheaper than ever, making Bali villa rentals a popular and practical alternative to package holidays. Below are top 5 reasons to choose a Bali villa rentals rather than a hotel:

1. Feels Like Home Away from Home

2. More Amenities & Space

3. Family Friendly

4. Breathtaking Views

5. Privacy

Popular Bali Villa Rentals Area

Bali villas for rent weave a tale of diversity, each location presenting a distinct flavor of paradise. Seminyak's villas pulsate with energy amid trendy boutiques and vibrant nightlife, offering a sophisticated retreat in the heart of Bali's social scene. Canggu, on the other hand, embraces a bohemian vibe with villas surrounded by lush rice paddies and world-class surf breaks. Uluwatu's cliffside abodes command breathtaking ocean vistas, providing a tranquil escape immersed in natural grandeur. Candidasa's eastern charm unfolds in beachfront villas, promising a serene haven with traditional Balinese allure. Discover more interesting Bali Villa locations with Bali Private Luxury Villas.

Why Rent a Villa in Bali with BPLV?


We only select Bali Villas that meet our strict standards to ensure that our guests have the best quality of holiday experience in Bali.


Book your Bali villa easily with no worry. All Bali Villas we feature has a best-rate guarantee and no hidden fees or charges.


Our friendly customer service will help you to find the perfect Bali villa for your memorable holiday experience.


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