5 Best Private Pool Villas in Bali

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5 Best Private Pool Villas in Bali

The best private pool villas in Bali are among the most popular accommodation types for a secluded break by the seaside – whether that be a romantic few days for two or perfect choice for independent travellers and their families who want to spend a holiday in Bali like they are in a home away from home.

Private Pool villas give you the ultimate in privacy and style, including separate bedrooms, your own pool and often stunning views of nature and there is no comparison to the feeling of total intimacy you get from having a villa all to yourself, with the added bonus of a private swimming pool. For many reasons, it is perhaps the best accommodation arrangement available, which is why they are currently at the top of the list for many discerning holidaymakers. They afford significantly greater freedom to spend your days however you please and are especially suited to families, groups of friends and couples.

In the list below, you will find the best of the best of Bali private pool villas. There are resort options as well as private arrangements and some that are somewhere in between, though they all share one common feature: they are a truly great holiday option.

1. Banyu Seminyak Villas in Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia – 4 Bedrooms Bali Private Pool Villas

Villa view – Villa Banyu, Seminyak Bali


2. Ini Vie Villa in Kuta / Legian, Bali2 Bedrooms Bali Private Pool Villas

Dining area - Villa Ini Vie, Legian Bali


3. Villa Tantangan in Tabanan, Bali3 Bedrooms Bali Private Pool Villas

Living Room - Villa Tantangan, Tabanan Bali

4. The Layar Villa in Kerobokan, Bali4 Bedrooms Bali Private Pool Villas

Pool and jacuzzi - Villa The Layar, Seminyak Bali


5. Aleva Villa in Seminyak, Bali1 Bedrooms Bali Private Pool Villas

Pool area - Villa Aleva, Seminyak Bali


17 August 2017